Price adjustment at WK-Bike


Dear WK-Bike customers,

for five years we have been offering you our service at reasonable prices. But we also have to adapt to market changes and the associated price increases and wage increases.
New conditions will therefore apply from June 7th, 2023.

All changes at a glance:

Basic tariff for standard wheels

The majority of all rentals are under 15 minutes. We are therefore adjusting the billing cycle. From June 7th, 2023, basic rate rentals will be billed in 15-minute increments:

15min/1€ - 24h/15€

WK-Bike monthly tariff

The previous conditions remain the same. For €9.99/month you can cycle for 30 minutes per rental, every additional half hour costs €1, only the maximum daily rate will be €15/24 h in the future. Billing in 30-minute increments remains in place.

WK-Bike annual rate

The price for the annual rate is still €48/year. The first 30 minutes per rental are included. Billing in 30-minute increments remains the same. The maximum daily rate will be €15/24 h in the future.

Partner tariff

The conditions of our partner benefits, the customers of Bremer Strassenbahn AG, Gewoba tenants in Vahr and WESER-KURIER subscribers remain unchanged. You continue to cycle for 30 minutes free of charge.